Weekend Fun at the Jersey Shore

What a fun weekend we had!  We’re trying to soak in those last few days left of Summer before school starts.  We took a drive over to Seaside and walked on the Boardwalk.

It was a beautiful night and the crowds were not too bad for a Saturday night.  I ate before we left because there are not too many safe gluten free items for me. Typical Jersey Shore Boardwalk food is pizza, burgers, fries, hot dogs, cheese steak and ice cream. While  it smells so good, none of it is my kind of food.  We stopped at my health food store on the way and I picked up some organic popcorn and gluten free, vegan cookies and I was happy.

After walking on the Boardwalk and Kevin ate his pizza, we hung out on the Beach for awhile.

There is nothing like walking on the Beach and feeling the sand between your toes.  I absolutely love the Beach at night. The sun began to set and we got some nice pictures of the Ocean.  It was a beautiful night.

Click here to see some video I took from Seaside.

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