Back To School


My son started high school today.  I am still trying to figure out how this happened.  How did time go by so fast.  So many birthdays, so many moments and I swear that they all just happened yesterday.  I think High School is the one I dreaded the most.  Kids are striving for independence and yet you still want to hold them close.  I am so excited for my son and for all the wonderful things to come in life.  I still remember that first day of high school.  I was so shy and did not know hardly anyone in my class. I managed to somehow find my way to a class and I remember that feeling.  Sitting there looking at all these kids faces and wondering, will they like me?  Will I fit in?  How lucky I was when this girl tapped me on my back.  I remember turning behind and seeing this adorable blonde girl with a funky hat, make up and an cute outfit.  We started talking and that was it.  We were best friends for all 4 years I was in high school.

I remember one day I was sitting in front of my high school watching my friends joking around and laughing and I remember thinking, there will be a time when I will wish that I could be back there, just for a moment.  I thought of that today as I watched my son walk out the door, knowing this is the beginning of many magical moments he will have in his life.

People say that high school years are the best years, but while I had fun, I say all the years that come after, life just gets better and better.  I am thankful for all of the wonderful memories from my high school years, the friends and the kids I knew.  But to me, my life could not be any better than it is right now.  My family is my life and every day is amazing.

It’s Back To School At The Hughes House


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