Exploring Grounds For Sculpture


 We have been wanting to visit for a long time.  I have seen pictures from friends who have went before and it looked like so much fun.  What an amazing day of exploration and discovery.  Each path leads to another exciting discovery.  This place is what I would call simply magical in every way.  The sculptures are incredible and the fact that you can walk around in nature and see such beautiful pieces of art surrounded by wildlife is  what I loved the most.  I am someone who loves being in nature more than anything, which is probably why I don’t particularly love the cold winters in New Jersey.


We passed several sculptures and then came to the most beautiful walkway lined with trees.  I would say that this is where the magic begins.  Walking through the path felt like I was transformed into a different world.  Once on the other side, there were so many incredible sculptures and each one tells it’s own story.




I think it’s fun to try to figure out what the artist was thinking  when designing these pieces.  Sometimes I think only the artist knows the true meaning, and than other times I think there is really no meaning at all and it is up to anyone looking at it to determine what it really means.  I guess it’s up to you to determine for yourself.



We had fun walking around and taking pictures.  We kept trying to figure out why these sculptures below have their arms wrapped.  Did they feel like they had no voice, no say in something in their lives or no control, perhaps. I guess we will never know.


The picture below is the one I had the most fun with.  I kept imagining being in the middle of that party, talking, laughing and just having fun.  My son Davey and husband Kevin had fun with it too.


I think the picture below is probably one of my favorite exhibits.  It reminds me of the times I sat in Brookdale Park when I was growing up, imagining my future and wondering what life I would have someday.  She reminds me of those days.


The picture below just reminds me of peace for some reason.  Just a girl, sitting on the edge of the water feeling happy and at peace with everything.





What a fun picture of Kevin and my son just hanging out on the boardwalk …



I took the picture with Marilyn Monroe for my dad, he just loved her.



It was nice to see that the Peacock Cafe had some gluten free and vegan items.  I got the Mediterranean sandwich on gluten free bread and without the cheese and some sweet potato chips.  It was really good!



Of course I had to make Kevin and Davey take their pictures with these sculptures.  Hmm…trying to figure out why these sculptures have no head on them, no idea. That’s a tough one!

There were not only wonderful sculptures, but also beautiful flowers as well.  I was able to get some really nice shots.


We had such a fun day and if you can get to New Jersey, I suggest stopping by Grounds of Sculpture.  You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for reading!

Click here to see a video vlog from our trip!

Here’s my son finding pokemon!

Here are a few more pictures below…





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