Back To School


My son started high school today.  I am still trying to figure out how this happened.  How did time go by so fast.  So many birthdays, so many moments and I swear that they all just happened yesterday.  I think High School is the one I dreaded the most.  Kids are striving for independence and yet you still want to hold them close.  I am so excited for my son and for all the wonderful things to come in life.  I still remember that first day of high school.  I was so shy and did not know hardly anyone in my class. I managed to somehow find my way to a class and I remember that feeling.  Sitting there looking at all these kids faces and wondering, will they like me?  Will I fit in?  How lucky I was when this girl tapped me on my back.  I remember turning behind and seeing this adorable blonde girl with a funky hat, make up and an cute outfit.  We started talking and that was it.  We were best friends for all 4 years I was in high school.

I remember one day I was sitting in front of my high school watching my friends joking around and laughing and I remember thinking, there will be a time when I will wish that I could be back there, just for a moment.  I thought of that today as I watched my son walk out the door, knowing this is the beginning of many magical moments he will have in his life.

People say that high school years are the best years, but while I had fun, I say all the years that come after, life just gets better and better.  I am thankful for all of the wonderful memories from my high school years, the friends and the kids I knew.  But to me, my life could not be any better than it is right now.  My family is my life and every day is amazing.

It’s Back To School At The Hughes House


World War Brick 2016

Last month we took a trip to Hartford, CT to attend the World War II Brick 2016 event. The World War II event is dedicated to modeling historic scenes, vehicles and weaponry using Legos.  It is absolutely amazing to see these pieces in person. My son saved for months leading up to the event so he could buy some Brick Arms, including a Russian Tank.

Here’s some pictures from the event. Unfortunately, it will not be held IN CT next year and will be too far for us to attend.  I’m so glad we decided to make the trip this year.  We made it a fun weekend and stayed overnight.

There was lots of shopping from tanks, to Brick Arms and custom military mini figs. There were also games and the builder signed kits.

Since Connecticut is over 3 hours away, we decided to stay at the Radison Hotel overnight.  We went into the pool and had a nice dinner in the hotel. They had some nice gluten free options. I had the gluten free burger with garlic string beans and salad with Italian Dressing and it was delicous.

Here’s a a cute picture of my husband at dinner.

The next day we had a long drive home. This trip was so much fun and my son Davey and I made some vlogs … check them out below.

Click to see my vlog from the weekend!

Here’s my son’s vlog!




Weekend Fun at the Jersey Shore

What a fun weekend we had!  We’re trying to soak in those last few days left of Summer before school starts.  We took a drive over to Seaside and walked on the Boardwalk.

It was a beautiful night and the crowds were not too bad for a Saturday night.  I ate before we left because there are not too many safe gluten free items for me. Typical Jersey Shore Boardwalk food is pizza, burgers, fries, hot dogs, cheese steak and ice cream. While  it smells so good, none of it is my kind of food.  We stopped at my health food store on the way and I picked up some organic popcorn and gluten free, vegan cookies and I was happy.

After walking on the Boardwalk and Kevin ate his pizza, we hung out on the Beach for awhile.

There is nothing like walking on the Beach and feeling the sand between your toes.  I absolutely love the Beach at night. The sun began to set and we got some nice pictures of the Ocean.  It was a beautiful night.

Click here to see some video I took from Seaside.

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Plum On Park, Java Love, Brookdale Park, Montclair, NJ

We headed up to Montclair to visit my dad.  Since my dad wouldn’t be home after 12, we decided to stop at my favorite parks.  Growing up in Montclair, I spent so much time in Brookdale Park and Yantacaw Brook Park.  I remember climbing trees, walking through the Rose Gardens and feeding the ducks in the pond.  It was fun bringing my husband and son on our little adventure to the parks. 

After the park we headed to Church Street and stopped at Java Love for a dairy free cappuccino, which tasted delicous.  

They had a gluten free cookie, although it had dairy so I couldn’t try it and a raw bar. 

My friend Lauren from Naturally Lauren told me about amazing gluten free brownies from Mundo Vegan, but unfortunately they were closed; definitely next time!

After visiting my dad, we went to lunch at Plum On Park.  I’ve been seeing pictures of their food on instagram, so I couldn’t wait to try it.  Their building used to be this tiny little diner near my high school, Immaculate.   We used to sneak away from school property to get a coffee at lunch time.  They turned it into an adorable restaurant with outside seating down a little ally way.  It’s really cute.  I had the quinoa black bean burger.  It was delicous and came with cultured veggies, which I loved.  I would definitely go back and would love to try the zucchini pasta!

My gluten free bread was good and it had a nice taste to it. The black bean quiona burger was the best I’ve had.  I loved it. 

I was fortunate to grow up in Montclair and love visiting my dad. Montclair has very special memories that I cherish.

Click here to see a video of our day!

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We decided to switch our blog to a brand new site and give it a different look.

You can still access all of our old postings, so feel free to visit the old site anytime.

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We recently visited Connecticut for the WWII Brick Event, as well as Grounds For Sculpture  in New Jersey (blog posts with lots of pictures coming this week).  You can see our you tube channel with some fun videos of our recent trips here.

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Gluten Free Via Roma, Toms River

Our 16th Wedding Anniversary Dinner

Yesterday we celebrated our 16th Wedding Anniversary.  My husband and son are not gluten free, so it can be difficult to find places where we all like to eat.  There is a restaurant in Toms River, NJ called Via Roma, which is about 20 minutes from our home.  They not only have an extensive gluten free menu, but they also have a vegan menu as well.  They can easily accommodate anyone in your party.  It has a pleasant atmosphere and you can bring your own liquor. The front is a pizzeria and the back is a small sit down restaurant.


We have been to this restaurant several times and they are very accommodating.  I was able to get a salad with a balsamic Vinaigrette and even got a gluten free bun with Earth Balance dairy free butter.  That is definitely a nice touch!  


The eggplant can be have quite a bit olive oil, so I always ask them to go light on the oil.  I can order this vegan and dairy free because they use daiya as the cheese.  This is a very rich and filling meal and also comes with gluten free pasta, so there is definitely some to take home.  


My husband had chicken Parmesan and he enjoyed his meal too!  

We had a fun evening and can’t wait to do it again next year.  We do not get here often, so it was a nice treat.

We managed to get a quick selfie before the night was over and as always, I loved spending time with my 2 favorite boys!


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